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Your Generosity Impacts Students, Faculty, and the Nation
As we kick off our month of giving, we want to first thank our donors who have given so generously to support our students through programs like our elective, which exists because of benefactors like the women quoted below. Through their generosity, FACTS was able to partner with Carroll College of Nursing to offer our elective on Fertility Awareness Based Methods for Women’s Health and Family Planning to 16 students in 2019.

Funding an Innovative Elective
Last year, Meredith Krutar, assistant professor of nursing at Carroll College, reached out to FACTS to discuss the possibility of offering a fertility awareness elective to their nursing students. As a FACTS trained speaker, Professor Krutar was familiar with our educational resources and, in the spring, we were pleased to work together to offer the elective to her students in Montana.

Here’s how the students feel the elective contributed to their learning:

“I felt this course was beneficial to my education. It allowed me to gain more knowledge about the woman’s body and to know what else is available for patients. I feel it is something every nurse, doctor, and health care professional should know about.” 

“I feel like I’ll be able to practice more holistic nursing with this in my tool box.”

“We do not receive much information on contraceptives, fertility, or NFP. This course broadened my understanding of each, and I will be able to point my future clients in a positive direction with a better understanding of the reproductive system. I also learned a lot about my own reproductive health.”

“It was nice to take an elective that broke the mold from other nursing classes. I think I learned a lot about advocating for patients.”

“I wish that every nursing student would take this course. I learned a tremendous amount!” 

Offering our elective at the nursing school would not have been possible without Professor Krutar’s fundraising efforts and the generosity of various donors, including 3 FACTS trained speakers who are passionate about our mission. These donors shared with us why they choose to support FACTS and this collaboration to offer our elective to nursing students.

Cathy Reilly, RN has been a registered nurse for thirty years. She and her husband used the SymptoThermal Method of family planning to achieve and avoid pregnancy, and she later became an educator for the Creighton Model. She gives to FACTS because she knows from experience that these methods “empower women, give women and couples more choices, and strengthen marriages.” She laments that FABMs were not included in her training as a nurse. Yet, she is hopeful, having witnessed how FACTS keeps changing the culture of medicine.

“In 2010, Dr. Marguerite Duane and others created FACTS to educate and empower healthcare professionals, especially medical students, (about FABMs). At that time, I was so grateful to have this professional group moving forward with a much-needed message. FACTS continues to teach these methods throughout our nation, raising awareness and empowering the medical community. And this month, we have an opportunity to support this effort through networking and raising much-needed funds. It is an honor and privilege for me to encourage your generous hearts.”


Roberta Bourke, RN attended a FACTS training to learn more about FABMs for her own knowledge and to share this information with colleagues and patients. She knows “many women may not be aware of FABMs or even how their bodies work, for lack of education. Educating women about their bodies allows them to be the decision makers regarding family planning.” She explains why she supports the mission of FACTS,

FACTS is important to me and I choose to support it financially because I want to help ensure the next generation of practitioners has the resources to educate patients about FABMs. FACTS/FABMs should be a required component of any accredited program leading to a degree/practice in women’s healthcare. Until then, I am happy to support this worthy cause.”



Sara Shaffer, CNM has had a distinguished career in the military as a certified nurse midwife. She serves as a Marquette educator and is a FACTS trained speaker.

“I support FACTS, and particularly the students who have chosen to take the FACTS elective, because I believe it is so important for nursing and medical students to be exposed to the scientific and factual information behind Fertility Awareness Based Methods. Since I did not learn this information in nursing school or even in graduate school, I was not counseling women comprehensively about their family planning options until I learned about FACTS. Now that I am an advocate for FABMs, I feel I am a better health care practitioner. I know this information can empower women and provide them with a healthier option not only for family planning, but also for monitoring their reproductive health.”

We are grateful for the generosity of these donors whose giving enables students to benefit from all FACTS has to offer.


Your Generosity Impacts Students
YOUR gift impacts present and future generations of medical professionals! This means more women will learn about their fertility, and couples will have more choices as they plan their families. We are inspired to recognize how the kindness of every donor impacts not only these students but also the thousands of patients they may care for throughout their careers!

After learning about the science behind the various FABMs through the elective and interviewing a couple that uses FABMs, a student at Carroll College Nursing School went on to publish this article on the FACTS blog. We were thrilled to have her contribution as well as those from her classmates!

Students enrolled in the FACTS elective also review research articles and, by publishing their reviews on our blog, help educate their peers, colleagues, and patients about all they’re learning. One such research review was written by a family medicine resident during the FACTS elective, and this research review was written by a 4th year medical student. All these FACTS alumni are now educating their peers and faculty, helping bring accurate information about fertility awareness to training programs and hospitals throughout the United States!

On behalf of all of us at FACTS, we thank every donor and supporter for Giving the Gift of Knowledge to benefit our students, medical training, and our nation!

GIVE Students the GIFT of Knowledge!

We have kicked off our end-of-year campaign to give students the priceless Gift of Knowledge! Educating students is the first step in training a new generation of medical professionals who recognize fertility as healthy and normal. Over time, our hope is that evidence-based FABMs will be integrated into women’s health curricula throughout the country. This means women will be empowered by learning more about their bodies and fertility, and couples will have more choices as they plan their families … everyone wins!


Will you support at least one student this year?

• Your gift of $20 will allow a student to attend a FACTS webinar.
• Your gift of $100 will enable a student to attend our 1-day educational conference.
• Your gift of $250 will support a student enrolled in our online elective.
• Your gift of $500 will cover the cost of a speaker to present to students.

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