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FACTS now offers TWO online electives for medical and health professional students to learn more about modern Fertility Awareness-Based Methods (FABMs), the evidence for their effectiveness for family planning, and their role in women’s health. Both courses are approved as two-week medical school electives through Georgetown University School of Medicine.

• Our original two-week online elective, FABMs for Family Planning, introduces each of the modern evidence-based FABMs, how they work, and the studies showing their effectiveness to prevent and,in some cases, achieve pregnancy. Through live and recorded online presentations, we provide an overview of each method to familiarize our students with all the evidence-based FABMs. To ensure basic understanding of the material, students complete a brief knowledge assessment for each online module. They participate in case-based discussions with physician experts to explore the practical applications of FABMs. Students also have the opportunity to observe trained educators as they teach patients how to use these methods. This course is approved as a 2-week medical school elective through Georgetown University School of Medicine.

• Our NEW two-week online elective, Fertility Awareness for Women’s Health, connects the science of endocrinology to core concepts of FABMs and describes how these methods may be used to diagnose and manage common women’s health conditions. Students will learn about evidence-based FABMs, including ways they assist the diagnosis and treatment of conditions like premenstrual syndrome (PMS), polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, abnormal uterine bleeding, and infertility. Students will participate in live online lectures and view recorded modules to develop a deeper understanding of the applications of FABMs throughout a woman’s reproductive life span. Following each module, students will complete a brief knowledge assessment. They will also participate in live, online case discussions with medical experts who will share patient cases to illustrate key teaching points. This course is approved as a 2-week medical school elective through Georgetown University School of Medicine.

Medical and health professional students or residents at any accredited program are encouraged to learn more.

What students have to say about the FACTS elective


The FACTS elective was the most valuable elective I’ve taken as a fourth-year medical student. It introduced me to the wide world of natural family planning, which I did not know anything about. There is so much to offer patients when it comes to this field, and I feel so much more prepared as a future physician now that I know about this option for family planning. – Joi, medical student

Before joining FACTS, I did not know anything about FABMs. Now I know about the Billings Ovulation Method, the Creighton Model, the Sympto-Hormonal Method, and I’m still learning about others. This has changed my way of looking at fertility as a woman and as an aspiring OB-GYN. I hope all medical students get a chance to learn about FABMs. – Kila, medical student

Be prepared as a future medical professional to present ALL options and to support each patient’s ultimate decision based on their needs, lifestyle, and values and your clinical experience and medical knowledge. To enroll in this elective, please complete the form below. Email us at Students@FACTSaboutfertility.org for more information or questions about enrollment fees.


Applications are now open for the 2024-2025 academic year for all students. Submit your application now and reserve your spot today!

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