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Do you wish future medical professionals were knowledgeable about fertility awareness based methods (FABMs) or natural family planning (NFP)  and their applications for women’s health and family planning?

Are you a woman or couple who uses an FABM for health management or family planning purposes?

Are you a NFP or fertility educator or medical professional who uses FABMs in practice to provide more comprehensive women’s health care?


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As part of the FACTS elective, students are required to interview a woman, couple, educator or medical professional about their experiences using FABMs. The students then write up a summary of the interview including its impact on their own impression / experiences with FABMs. Well written summaries may be edited and posted to our FACTS blog, with all names and identifying information changed to protect patients’ privacy. All interviews are intended to be brief, scheduled at your convenience, and can be done in-person, via phone or teleconferencing.


“Every medical student should take this elective. It was so refreshing to take a course that furthered my understanding of physiology and equipped me with practical tools to carry into practice! I loved learning about the principles, effectiveness, and implementation of each FABM. I am looking forward to continuing to expand my knowledge as well as sharing what I learned with my future colleagues.”

— Whitney Wolfe, DO

Participated in the Elective as a 4th Year Medical Student

How can I help?

If you would like to share how using FABMs has impacted you either personally or professionally, please sign up below to share your story with a student participating in our FACTS elective. We sincerely thank you in advance for your willingness to participate. Sharing your story will help future health care professionals learn about the critical role FABMs may play in women’s health and in helping couples achieve their family planning goals!

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