December 23, 2020

‘Tis the Season for Giving Thanks!  

At FACTS, we would like to close out 2020 by giving thanks to all those who have given their gifts so selflessly to us throughout the year.

A Heartfelt Thank You to…

• The women and couples who have so graciously shared their stories. YOU are the reason FACTS exists!
• The medical professionals who continue to conduct and publish research and practice in the field of fertility awareness. You are changing the landscape in women’s health.
• Our generous FACTS donors and members, whose gracious contributions make our work possible.
Our extraordinary staff and volunteers, whose commitment and dedication to our mission is ever-present!

And lastly, we want to especially thank our amazing group of FACTS preceptors who, through our elective program, give so generously of their time, talents, and medical expertise to our students and residents. Their efforts are essential in helping FACTS spread the science behind fertility awareness to medical and health professional students across the country.

Our Top 10 Preceptors in 2020: (in alpha order)
Dr. Brian Burke, Family Physician
Jill Cherrey, Sympto-Thermal Instructor
Allison Dreher, Billings Instructor
Shirelle Edghill, Creighton Model Instructor
Dr. Pearl Huang-Ramirez, Family Physician
Allison Jung, Creighton Model Instructor
Teresa Kenney, FNP, Creighton Model MC
Barbara Meier, Creighton Model Instructor
Joan Pajek, Marquette Model and FEMM Instructor
Heather Turner, Billings Instructor

We asked the students who took the FACTS electives in 2020 to vote for their favorite among our top 10 preceptors. While all of our preceptors received votes and high praise, these three were mentioned most often as standouts. Thank you to all! 

Allison Dreher, MA

Allison Dreher is a certified Billings Ovulation Method teacher who leads a case study discussion twice a month for our students.

Pearl Huang-Ramirez, MD

Pearl Huang-Ramirez is a board certified family physician, Creighton medical consultant and FACTS Speaker.  She gives a monthly presentation on ‘How to Read the Female Cycle Chart’ and leads case study discussion sessions as well.

Shirelle Edghill, CFCP

Shirelle Edghill is a certified FertilityCare  practitioner who demonstrates for our students how she uses the Creighton model to help women monitor and better understand their reproductive health.

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