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Are you trained in natural or fertility awareness based methods (FABMs) of family planning?

Do you want to share your knowledge and experience with integrating FABMs into women’s health care with future health professionals?

Please consider joining our team of FACTS Educators!


Elective Clinical Preceptors

As part of the FACTS elective, we match medical and health professional students with preceptors like YOU to observe how you incorporate FABMs into your practice. This is an opportunity to introduce students to the full spectrum of options for women’s healthcare and may influence how they practice medicine in the future. If FACTS would like to place an interested student with you, we will contact you in advance to confirm your availability and the best contact information to share with the student. Please note that signing up as a preceptor does not guarantee students will work with you, but it does provide us with a list of willing professionals should a student or resident seek out a preceptor virtually or in-person in your area.


Elective Case Study Leaders

In addition to precepting, we also offer physicians, clinicians, and educators the opportunity to share patient cases during live discussions with the students. During spring and fall semesters, we invite you and another FABM-trained clinician to present a patient case Monday through Friday to students in the FACTS Elective. The aim of these 60-minute discussions is for students to practice the knowledge they gain and learn from experts currently incorporating FABMs into their practice. All case studies are moderated by one of our FACTS staff who helps facilitate student participation. Your responsibilities as a case study presenter include engaging students in their learning, guiding their understanding of FABMs, and answering student questions. If you have an interesting patient case related to FABMs that is ideal for student learning, consider sharing it!


To join our teaching team, please complete the form below. Thank you for your interest and willingness to become a FACTS Teacher!

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