Author Bio: Henry Linford is a fourth-year medical student at Campbell University School of Medicine. He plans to pursue residency training in psychiatry. His hobbies include spoken word poetry, gymnastics, and hammocking. Henry has climbed the steepest mountain range in the world, the Wellsville Mountains, more than four times.

“The FACTS elective opened my eyes to a new field of medicine and helped me realize that FABMs are a powerful tool. Based on this experience, I will likely recommend FABMs to people I think would benefit from these methods. I am especially keen to recommend FABMs to individuals with infertility, as I can see no harm, and only benefit to using this approach. I can see a bright future in store if this information is spread more broadly and look forward to participating in this cause.” – Henry Linford, future physician


Are you searching for a Physician or Educator trained in Fertility Awareness-Based Methods?

Good news – you can now access our searchable, international database of physiciansmedical professionals, and fertility educators. The entries are searchable by location, name, specialty, methods, or keyword. Our hope is that this database will serve as an important resource for both the medical community and patients alike.

To submit your practice information for review and inclusion into the database, click here. Or for more general information on charting and commonly used FABMs, click here.

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