November 6, 2019

Editor’s Note: The FACTS Advisory Council consists of a talented and diverse group of individuals whose guidance and support are crucial to the success of our organization. Being a member of our Advisory Council is a voluntary position and all their work with FACTS is a generous contribution of time and expertise. This year, we have featured one of our Council members each month to highlight their unique contributions to our mission. Our series continues with Matthew Larkin, whose strategic thinking and business experience remain a tremendous asset to FACTS.

Meet Matthew Larkin
Matt is a Commander in the U.S. Navy. As a human resources officer, he has served in a variety of leadership assignments in operations, recruitment, training, and personnel services. He completed a Bachelor’s degree in communication with a minor in naval science at Villanova University, a Master’s degree in manpower systems analysis at Naval Postgraduate School, and an MBA at IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain.

His Path to FACTS
Dr. Marguerite Duane, executive director and co-founder of FACTS, had the pleasure of meeting Matt eleven years ago when his wife, Elissa, and Dr. Duane participated in an FABM training program together. They connected by sharing a passion for providing a wide range of evidence-based, holistic options to women. They also shared a desire to convey this information to a broader audience.

Contributions to the Mission of FACTS
As a member of the FACTS Advisory Council, Matt’s expertise in business and strategic planning has helped position our work thoughtfully and plan with the future in mind. This approach was instrumental when FACTS developed its mission to educate medical and health professionals about the science behind FABMs so they can educate their patients, and our vision to change the culture of medicine so fertility is recognized as healthy and normal.

Having clarified these goals, Matt helped us craft a strategic plan to move from our mission to our vision. This foundational understanding helped establish our goal of building a pipeline to prepare future medical professionals to provide fertility awareness services that are integrated into women’s health care. We redirected our focus to reaching students, beginning with first year medical students and pre-med students, through our presentation on the signs of the female cycle at college campuses. We trained speakers who present our information at medical schools and created an elective to expand students’ knowledge of each method.

We also identified residency programs that are supportive of residents interested in expanding their knowledge of FABMs. We have worked to create a pipeline to pair students from medical school to residency and, once finished with residency, we help them identify opportunities where they can provide these services in supportive work environments. Matt was instrumental as we designed this plan concretely, streamlining our efforts and making our work both effective and efficient. Now, we continue to work hard to identify opportunities for students and recent graduates—practices seeking physicians who are trained in FABMs.

In His Own Words
When asked why it is important to ensure the mission of FACTS is accomplished, Matt replied, “FACTS is absolutely unique in its role of supporting women’s healthcare needs. The information and support FACTS provides is critical, but challenging to find outside of the organization. FACTS ensures that current and future healthcare professionals may provide the best women’s health care.”

Matt enjoys working on the business and organizational landscape questions that enable FACTS to deliver on its mission to women and families. Looking ahead to the future of FACTS, he said, “FACTS’ role in supporting the doctors and healthcare professionals in training is critical to the continued development of a robust offering of medical services that truly support women and couples. With the latest medical research and dedicated mentors, FACTS equips the newest healthcare leaders to positively impact the culture of medicine and deliver the best care to women and couples.”

Matt’s expertise and insight combined with his passion for women’s health care helped us think strategically about the services we provide. We are grateful for Matthew Larkin’s support of our mission and for his role as an integral part of FACTS and our Advisory Council.

More About Matthew Larkin
Matt is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources and taught at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA. He also completed a certification in health care ethics at the National Catholic Bioethics Center in Philadelphia, PA. He enjoys supporting his wife, Elissa, in her work as a certified nurse-midwife trained as a Creighton medical consultant. They are both grateful to support the FACTS mission. Matt and Elissa have six children.

Editor’s Note: At FACTS, we set our strategic plan in motion by first focusing on educating students about the medical applications and science behind fertility awareness. Without our organization, hundreds of medical students may have never heard about this important topic. We are very encouraged by our success to date and remain dedicated to enhancing women’s health through fertility awareness and expanding the options for couples seeking evidence-based, natural options in family planning.

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