By Amaryllis Sánchez Wohlever, MD
February 14, 2018

Valentine’s Day conjures thoughts of red hearts, chocolate, and a chubby-cheeked flying cupid! Here at FACTS, we think about February 14th a day to celebrate love and fertility in a unique way.

Think about how society would benefit from looking at fertility and family planning in a different light. Our Valentine’s Day acronym highlights just some of the tremendous value of fertility awareness based methods (FABMs) and how they can transform women, men, and families. Consider it our Valentine’s Day challenge, and share it with your colleagues and friends (perhaps along with a little chocolate!)


Value fertility as the normal aspect of your reproductive health that it is
Appreciate how the signs of female fertility reflect cyclical hormonal changes
Learn how to chart the cycle to monitor reproductive health and/or plan a family
Embrace the possibility of becoming a parent, soon or in the distant future
Nurture more effective communication as you learn and plan together
Trust your body’s biochemistry and your ability to use its signs in family planning
Invite others to learn about fertility awareness by sharing your experiences
Never underestimate the value of continuing to learn about your body
Educate women and men about the benefits of FABMs
Support one another while learning these new skills and seeking to adopt a healthier lifestyle

Doctors and health professionals, visit FACTS, an evidence-based resource, to learn more about FABMs and help you support those who use them
Acknowledge it may take a few months to learn a method from a trained instructor, but it’s worth it to be empowered with this practical knowledge
Yes, knowing the FACTS about Fertility can change someone’s life!

Accept our Valentine’s Day challenge by attending one of our webinars this month.
Click below to learn more and to register, and have a happy and meaningful Valentine’s Day!

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