Student Renewal

$25.00 / year

This membership is for current medical and healthcare professional students, including but not limited to medical students (regardless of year), nursing students, public health students, nutrition students, etc., and who have previously been members of FACTS, participated in the FACTS elective or created an account with FACTS in the past.

If you do not have an account with FACTS already, please register here instead.

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Members are expected to support our mission and vision, and work with us to help us achieve the goals of our organization. Members are asked to abide by the Principles of Dialogue as these are instrumental to fostering relationships and deeper levels of understanding within our organization. Finally, FACTS has developed a statement of principles that outlines our view of fertility and the role of fertility awareness based methods for family planning and reproductive health monitoring. 

This membership is required if you would like to participate in our Student Ambassador program. If you have any questions about whether this FACTS membership is the best fit for you, please email


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