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Tami Stroud | NFP/FA-Ed – Natural Family Planning or Fertility Awareness Educator

Billings Ovulation Method, FEMM (Fertility Education and Medical Management), Sympto-Thermal Methods
Savannah, Georgia

Tami Stroud | Starry Living

1202 E 35th St
Savannah, Georgia 31404
United States

Phone: (912) 675-2466



Do you offer telemedicine services? – Yes

Do you offer healthcare services in a language other than English? – No

Please indicate which FABMs you are formally trained in and/or certified to offer – Billings Ovulation Method, FEMM, Sympto-Thermal Method (please specify in comments) Sympto (Sympto Therm Foundation)

Please indicate which FABMs you are knowledgeable about, i.e. have received some training in and/or engaged in extensive study of the method(s) – Billings Ovulation Method, Creighton / NaPro Technology, Family of the Americas, FEMM, Justisse Method, Lactational Amenorrhea, Marquette, NeoFertility, Standard Days, Sympto-Hormonal Method (please specify in comments), Sympto-Thermal Method (please specify in comments), Two-Day Method, Other (please specify in comments)
Also very familiar with Sympto, Sensiplan, SymptoPro, Couple to Couple League, Boston Cross Check, Fertility UK, The Well (formerly Grace of the Moon), Taking Charge of Your Fertility, Natural Family Planning International, Ecological Breastfeeding, Dot app, Natural Cycles, Daysy, Tempdrop app, and a variety of other femtech.


Stroud, Tami | NFP/FA-Ed – Natural Family Planning or Fertility Awareness Educator

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