Office Contact Information

Kari Beadner | FCP – Fertility Care Practitioner

Creighton Model/NaPro Technology
Orange City, Iowa

Ashwood FertilityCare Center

211 Albany Ave SE
Orange City, Iowa 51041
United States

Phone: (712) 522-0655




   Charting Health for Young Women

A 6-module course guiding mothers and daughters on the exciting road trip of Charting Health, through puberty adolescence, and womanhood. Includes group support, a 30-minute chart review appt., and  1 year of charting materials. Learn more or purchase access here.

Do you offer telemedicine services? – Yes

Do you offer healthcare services in a language other than English? – No

Please indicate which FABMs you are formally trained in and/or certified to offer – Creighton / NaPro Technology, Other (please specify in comments) Guiding Star Cycle Show
Charting Health for Young Women

Please indicate which FABMs you are knowledgeable about, i.e. have received some training in and/or engaged in extensive study of the method(s) – Creighton / NaPro Technology


Beadner, Kari | FCP – Fertility Care Practitioner

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