Office Contact Information

Brianna Best | DO – Doctor of Osteopathy

General Practitioner, FEMM (Fertility Education and Medical Management), Marquette Method
Milton, Florida

Aviation Medicine

7119 Langley St
Milton, Florida 32570
United States

Phone: (850) 623-7558

E-Mail: Brianna.R.Best.Mil@Mail.Mil


Do you offer telemedicine services? – No

Do you offer healthcare services in a language other than English? – No

Please indicate which FABMs you are formally trained in and/or certified to offer – FEMM, Marquette

Please indicate which FABMs you are knowledgeable about, i.e. have received some training in and/or engaged in extensive study of the method(s) – FEMM, Marquette, Sympto-Thermal Method (please specify in comments)


Best, Brianna | DO – Doctor of Osteopathy

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