Fertility Awareness in the Developing World

Their medical team had ventured into the foothills of the Andes several hours west of the capital city of Quito to provide basic medicines and healthcare to those in need. However, what Dr. Garcia and his team learned in rural Ecuador wasn’t what they were expecting…

Self-identification of the Fertile Window

Mothers with knowledge about their fertility and how to chart their cycles can be the best teachers for their daughters. Education to self identify the fertile window, if it begins early—right at home—can equip a young woman for a lifetime of fertility awareness and improved health monitoring. Click to learn more.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention in Chile

May is National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month. Read the research summary here of a Chilean study that looks at the effect of abstinence programs on teen pregnancy rates. The research is summarized by fourth-year medical student, Emily Krach. #NTPPM

Meet the FACTS Team – Barri Burch

OOPS! We mistakenly sent our blog post this week with the incorrect subject line and apologize for any confusion that may have created. But, in issuing this correction we thought we’d take this opportunity to share some of the great graphic work Barri has...

Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices About Fertility Awareness in Women

April 23 – 29 is National Infertility Awareness Week. At FACTS, we have good news to share with those who struggle with infertility and feel their only hope lies in costly and risky technologies. Read our recent research summary and learn more about how charting the female cycle can provide a safe and effective alternative to in vitro fertilization (IVF) and other assisted reproductive technologies (ART) to diagnose and manage infertility.

Unique Perspectives on FABMs

This month, the Fertility Friday podcast featured our very own Executive Director, Dr. Marguerite Duane. Set aside some time this week for this short interview that will leave you thinking about fertility awareness and women’s health in a new way!

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