FACTS was founded under the umbrella of the Family Medicine Education Consortium, Inc. (FMEC), a medical education organization primarily focused in the northeast region of the United States. The FMEC acts as a catalyst and convener connecting those interested in improving the health of their communities by strengthening family medicine and medical education.

Although FACTS initially focused our efforts in the northeast, people from across the country have expressed interest in our work and have participated in projects to varying degrees since the very beginning. For example, our Executive Team Student Leader, Ashley Stone, has replicated the original Georgetown elective at her medical school, the University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas.  FACTS is currently working to make this course available online to participants all over the world.

We have also developed an introductory educational presentation about FABMs and have trained more than 20 speakers from a number of different states who have delivered this CME talk across the country. With an invitation to speak at your school or institution,  we can have a much greater impact, so let us know if you would like to host a trained FACTS speaker to present in your community.

Some of our FACTS Speakers at our 2014 Training

Some of our FACTS Speakers at our 2014 Training

Since FACTS was originally founded by two family physicians within a family medicine education organization, we began by working with our colleagues in family medicine residency programs and medical schools. We have now expanded our efforts to work with obstetrician/gynecologists, mid-wives and nurses, primarily by presenting at their meetings, practice sites or schools.  Our belief is that this important information about fertility and family planning should be shared with all our health professional colleagues who care for women and men of reproductive age.

While we initially focused our efforts educating our colleagues in clinical practice, it recently became clear  that it would be best to spend more time focusing on students in academic settings. Fortunately, we currently have a presence at three medical schools – the University of Texas Southwestern, the Medical College of Wisconsin and Georgetown University in Washington, DC. We plan to expand our medical school efforts by initiating a student ambassador program to facilitate sharing information about FABMs with even more future physicians and health care professionals.

Would you like to bring FACTS to your community? Contact us today to learn about opportunities to share the latest science supporting the use of FABMs, so your colleagues or students can lean more.

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