One year ago, FACTS members came together and identified students as an emerging audience for our work. We set a goal to actively engage students in our effort to educate our colleagues about fertility awareness based methods (FABMs).

Since then, we launched the FACTS Student Ambassador Program to identify student leaders and support their efforts to help bring evidence based information to their medical programs and peers. Our original goal for the first year of the program was to have involvement at 10 medical schools.

After launching in the Fall of 2015, we already have Student Ambassadors at 20 schools across the country! And there are several other schools where students have expressed interest in becoming involved.


The interest among students has been so encouraging and confirms what we have found with preliminary studies. Students want to learn about FABMs so they can properly educate their patients. FACTS fills a critical role to help educate this population, but to continue to do so, we need your support and involvement!

Even though we met our initial goal, our aim is to continue to grow our Student Ambassador Program across the country. If you’d like to be involved, please apply today!

More importantly, please consider supporting our Student Ambassador program by making a donation today.

Presenting the Fertility and Family Planning Talk

One of the main activities that student leaders are involved in is bringing in one of our 43 trained FACTS Speakers to present to the medical school. During the past month alone FACTS Speakers have presented in Phoenix, Dallas, Temple, Florida, Washington D.C., and Ohio. We also have talks coming up in Tuscon, Portland, New York and Maryland over the next month!


We are so grateful to our speakers who present the latest evidence based information about FABMs with current and future physicians.

This program has been helpful to both our speakers and the students receiving the talk. If you’re interested in having a speaker come to your audience, please contact us with the location and potential dates! We’d love to arrange a speaker to share this information with your audience.

As a preview, FACTS is currently developing a user presentation to give to patient populations interested in choosing which FABM might be best for them. Stay tuned and look for that in the coming months!

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