FACTS Benefactor: Therese M. Duane, MD, MBA


September 2, 2021


My sister Margy is one of the most courageous people I know, and I couldn’t be more proud of her.”      – Therese M. Duane, MD, MBA


Editor’s Note: FACTS—the Fertility Appreciation Collaborative to Teach the Science behind fertility awareness-based methods (FABMs)—relies on the generous support of people who understand the acute need for such an organization. FACTS exists to bridge gaps in medical education by ensuring physicians are trained in all evidence-based FABMs. In turn, women and couples benefit from their knowledge as they plan their families and learn innovative ways to monitor their reproductive health.

This month, we had the opportunity to get to know a trauma surgeon who has been an unwavering supporter of FACTS since before its launch in 2010! Her generous financial gifts have sustained FACTS every step of the way, and her kind support has been an uplifting source of encouragement for the FACTS team. Simply stated, FACTS would not be where it is without the generosity of Dr. Therese M. Duane, the sister of our executive director and cofounder, Dr. Marguerite Duane.

As you will learn, these talented sisters share a passion for caring for people in a comprehensive way. We are delighted to share some of Dr. Duane’s story, including her impressive background and experiences, her motivation for giving, and her vision for an emerging new adventure in graduate medical education.

Meet Therese M. Duane, MD, MBA

Therese M. Duane, MD, MBA earned a Doctor of Medicine degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University of Ithaca in New York. She completed an internship and residency in general surgery at the Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, VA and

 went on to complete a surgical critical care fellowship at the RA Cowley Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, MD.

Dr. Duane has a strong background in academic medicine including clinical education and productivity, extensive research, and administrative service. She has been recognized with numerous teaching awards and is an active mentor for students, residents, and faculty. As a research scientist, she has collaborated in multi-institutional trials, has presented nationally on numerous topics, and has published in peer-reviewed journals and textbooks.

An Interview with Therese M. Duane, MD, MBA

How did you first learn about fertility awareness and the work of FACTS?

Dr. Duane answered by pointing to a person she admires, trusts, and knows well: “My sister Margy!” Even before its founding, Dr. Therese Duane understood the need for an organization like FACTS, and she knew her sister was uniquely qualified for this work through her knowledge, resourcefulness, passion, and grit. She knew she had what it takes, including assembling the right team of dedicated professionals to make something extremely difficult not only possible, but also sustainable. More than ten years later, FACTS continues to expand its offerings and reach, and has become an internationally known and respected organization in the field of fertility awareness.

How has fertility awareness enhanced your surgical practice and/or your personal life?

When considering the impact of fertility awareness on her life and work, Dr. Duane described her active involvement in residency education. Some years ago, she was approached by the president of a health system in Fort Worth, Texas to head the effort to start a general surgery residency program. She was able to achieve that, and the next project is to build a residency program in obstetrics and gynecology (Ob-Gyn) that is scheduled to open as early as 2023.

The OB-Gyn program will be part of a flourishing not-for-profit institution, Texas Health Resources (THR). She lit up while noting all the programs they are building will incorporate mission work through service to an underserved patient population. “But the first step,” she explained, “is to hire a residency program director—a Board-certified Ob-Gyn physician with experience working with residents who is interested in eventually relocating to Fort Worth, Texas.” A nationwide search is in progress.

Clearly excited about what lies ahead, Dr. Duane elaborated, “As I build a GME (graduate medical education) program, I am trying to ensure that (fertility awareness and FABMs) are part of the resident’s education.” This comprehensive approach to women’s health in an Ob-Gyn residency program makes this a one-of-a-kind opportunity for faculty, fellows, residents, and medical students!

What advice would you give students and medical professionals about fertility awareness and FABMs?

Without skipping a beat, Dr. Duane replied she would encourage them to “stand up for the program to ensure that all life is protected and all options are available that promote this type of education.” She emphasized being supportive of presenting a full breadth of options to patients, and added, “FACTS and FABMs offer a valuable alternative for women to truly learn about their bodies and fertility to allow them to be in control naturally.” She supports FACTS as part of her commitment “to promote education so that primary care and Ob-Gyn physicians have a full appreciation of fertility awareness. In order to do that, it needs to start in medical school.”

What else would you like to share with our readers?

With noticeable pride, she said, “My sister, Margy, is one of the most courageous people I know, and I couldn’t be more proud of her.” She knows that the effort to educate the medical profession about fertility awareness takes teamwork, perseverance, and courage, since it involves going against the current to ensure physicians in training and other medical and health professionals have access to evidence-based, accurate information about fertility awareness and FABMs.

“I don’t need or want any credit (for supporting FACTS),” she added. “I do it for my sister and because I believe in this cause.” She believes in the work, trusts and supports her sister, Marguerite, and the entire FACTS team. She also appreciates all the volunteers and every benefactor who helps advance our mission by supporting our various projects every month.

Dr. Therese Duane is inspired by the work of FACTS and understands the need for reliable education in fertility awareness. She looks forward to starting an Ob-Gyn residency program where physicians learn about women’s health with a ‘fertility awareness’ lens, gaining a broader perspective throughout their training. This unique approach will set this residency apart as a cutting-edge program with potential to transform the future of fertility awareness education as well as the way women’s health is both taught and practiced.

We wish Dr. Therese Duane every success as she builds this Ob-Gyn residency program. We are grateful for her support and generosity, which truly make the work of FACTS possible.


More About Dr. Therese M. Duane

In 2016, Dr. Duane earned a Master of Business Administration from the University of Massachusetts, followed by a Certified Physician Executive (CPE) designation from the American Association for Physician Leadership. At the time, she was one of only two-thousand physicians who held this honor in the United States.

At the national level, Dr. Duane has held numerous positions, including serving as the Quality Pillar Lead on the Executive Council for the American College of Surgeons (ACS) Board of Governors. This position afforded her significant influence on the policies of quality and safety put forth by the ACS. She has a keen interest in advancing her career in academic and health care administration, particularly by focusing on the development of medical professionals within the health system to ensure everyone involved in patient care is equipped to provide quality care for patients. Her research interests are in clinical outcomes in acute care surgery, surgical infections, and quality.

Editor’s Note: If you are an FABM-trained Ob-Gyn physician who is interested in serving as the founding program director of an innovative Ob-Gyn residency, you may contact Dr. Therese Duane at thereseduane@texashealth.org. Follow the link for a detailed job description and reach out to Dr. Duane with questions.

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The demand for the FACTS online elective continues to grow! Our elective in fertility awareness bridges gaps in medical education to ensure physicians in training learn reliable, up-to-date, evidence-based information about fertility awareness-based methods. During the 2020-21 academic year, 225 medical students completed our elective. Thanks to the ongoing support of donors like Dr. Therese M. Duane, we hope to enroll as many as 300 students this academic year!

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