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Below, you can access our searchable, national database of physiciansmedical professionals, and fertility educators. The entries are searchable by location, name, specialty, methods, or keyword. We hope this database will serve as an important resource for both the medical community and patients.* If your search in the filtered fields below does not yield results, please instead use the search bar to enter specific keywords.

The listings in this directory and the information contained within are self-reported by these clinicians and educators. While we have asked practitioners to report information accurately, FACTS does not independently verify listings or specifically endorse any listed practitioner. We encourage you to fully investigate your options (including by independently verifying a practitioner's experience, licensure, and certification) before making any decisions regarding your healthcare. Similarly, FACTS does not endorse any particular method of fertility awareness. Each FABM offers different benefits and challenges and we believe the best method(s) is the one that works best for you.

For more general information on charting and commonly used FABMs, click here. To learn more specifics about methods of fertility awareness, please visit the individual websites listed below. With additional questions you may also contact FACTS at


Cervical Fluid Only Methods

Sympto-Hormonal Methods
Sympto-Thermal Methods
Lactational Amenorrhea Method
Standard Days Method


** These methods are taught in accordance with evidence-based guidelines for pregnancy prevention and have been shown to be effective based on studies published in the medical literature.

If you are a trained fertility awareness practitioner and would like to be included in the database, please click here to enter your practice information or email us for more details.

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