July 1, 2020
By Kayla Iuliano

“What I love most about fertility awareness is its inherent beauty.”

An Epidemiologist’s Journey to Fertility Awareness

While I am an epidemiologist by trade and a huge proponent of the many scientific uses of fertility awareness-based methods (FABMs), what I love most about fertility awareness is its inherent beauty. There is a mainstream cultural tendency to treat fertility as a liability. As women, we are told our fertility is something we must control. A certain wariness surrounds it and, in fact, fertility is almost treated as a disease. There is no other normal, healthy bodily process we treat in such a manner!

I love that FABMs are, at their core, a holistic approach to women’s health, and one that honors the intrinsic function of the female body. When women use the various fertility awareness-based methods, they choose to cooperate with their bodies rather than suppress their normal reproductive physiology.

In my personal life, I became aware of FABMs as a single woman through a friend who was learning to chart. She lent me her book on charting, and I was hooked! A few years later, when I was engaged, my husband and I both knew we wanted to utilize FABMs for family planning. It was fascinating to begin charting and learn about this core component of my health, of which I’d previously only been mildly aware. I love that FABMs can tell us so much information about our bodies and health.

Learning about fertility awareness and using FABMs has been empowering, and I’m honored to be part of a team that is working to ensure other women have the option to be equally empowered as well!

Meet Kayla
Conference and Events Coordinator

Kayla joined the FACTS team earlier this year to plan our 10-year anniversary celebration, but the pandemic forced us to postpone that event. Nonetheless, given Kayla’s exceptional organizational skills, flexibility, and engaging personality, she will continue to work with FACTS to plan our upcoming virtual conference. She will also assume an essential role as our speaker program coordinator. FACTS has trained over ninety speakers to educate medical professionals and the public about fertility awareness, and Kayla will be working closely with them. She will also coordinate our monthly webinars and continue her work in outreach.

She earned a Masters of Health Science from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Delaware. Kayla also completed an internship with the United States Environmental Protection Agency and worked as a state epidemiologist for the Arizona Department of Health Services.



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