By VA (Ginger) Martinez, PA-C
February 27, 2018

For the Love of Science

Throughout my career as a physician’s assistant, I have always felt strongly about the importance of patient education and empowering patients through knowledge. During my time in primary care, I had the opportunity to work in an NFP-only practice. It was a relief to be part of a practice where I was supported while discussing and encouraging women to use FABMs.

While working there, I became pregnant with my fourth child and decided to take some time off to figure out my evolving family life. Toward the end of my pregnancy, I was invited to a physician’s home to hear Dr. Marguerite Duane speak about FACTS. I listened with interest as Dr. Duane highlighted the speaker training program and the research FACTS was doing. At the end of her talk, I let her know I was interested in FACTS.

At that point in my pregnancy, I wasn’t ready to jump into the speaker training program, but I mentioned I was very interested in getting involved in FACTS research. Dr. Duane’s face took on a look of complete surprise. I shared that before the birth of my first child, I was involved in research, and I’d been eager to jump back into the world of research. Dr. Duane pulled me right in and I got to work on an IRB (Institutional Review Board) research application that was approved last fall.

I am excited to be involved in researching a part of medicine that can have such a powerful impact on women’s health. I know that by contributing to FACTS research, I am making a difference in women’s health care. When we understand more about how medical professionals are trained, or not trained, on FABMs, FACTS can find ways to help fill this gap. When we understand more about how medical professionals and patients prefer to interact, FACTS can find ways to encourage FABMs to be presented as viable options. It is truly an honor and a fascinating journey to work with FACTS to seek the answers and share the science.

Meet Ginger

Facts Research Coordinator

The love of the sciences bloomed early in Ginger. She was encouraged by her father, who read to her about prehistoric animals rather than Cinderella. Conversations often revolved around the latest scientific discoveries and their applications. She was led to a career in healthcare by her compassionate heart and love for helping those in need.

She earned a Masters in Physician Assistant Studies at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan. As a physician’s assistant, she has worked in primary care settings, emergency rooms, and in the pediatric neurosurgery department at Children’s Hospital of Michigan, where she had her first opportunity to work in research.

Ginger met her husband at a restaurant that had salsa dance lessons, and they have been dancing through life ever since. Now, with four children ages 8, 5, 3, and 10 months, every day she’s doing the quickstep to keep up with the family, FACTS, and life.

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