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The Fertility Appreciation Collaborative (FACTS) is looking for medical residents and health professional students across the country to be a part of our FACTS Ambassador Program!


As a FACTS Ambassador you will network with FABM knowledgeable physicians while educating your peers about fertility awareness on your campus and community. You will have the opportunity to participate in research, present at medical conferences, and also gain valuable insight into incorporating FABMs into your practice.

What’s In It for You?

• Expand your Clinical Toolbox:
Learn about FABMs and become trained to teach one or more of these methods. Over 60% of women would be interested in learning an FABM to plan for or prevent pregnancy, so effective communication about FABMs is a key asset to clinical practice.
• Do Research: Participate in research projects with FACTS nationally or on the local level. These projects may fulfill research requirements. We can provide some suggestions or are willing to support your bright ideas too!
• Get Published: Write articles and blog posts or create videos and educational resources to be used for internal and external FACTS marketing and awareness campaigns.
• Develop Your Skills:
Enhance your public speaking, event planning, and communication skills. Learn to write abstracts and design research projects and presentations. Apply to present talks or posters at regional and national conferences.
• Attend National Meetings:
Participate in national medical conferences and regular FACTS meetings. There are plenty of opportunities to present or exhibit at the national level.
• Enhance your Networking Skills:
Make connections across the country with colleagues interested in FABMs, interact with fellow ambassadors, and participate in regional and national conferences. At national meetings there are opportunities to meet other physicians who incorporate FABMs into their practices and who can serve as role models and career mentors.

What will you do?

We support our FACTS Ambassadors on many levels. We encourage you to get involved with whatever interests you in the field of fertility awareness and education. Some possible ideas include:

Event Planning Host a FACTS Speaker on campus to help educate your classmates about FABMs.
Teach FABMs – Participate in a training so you may educate women about their cycle so you can empower them to care for their health.
Public Speaking – Present the FACTS about fertility to your peers and gain valuable professional experience.
Exhibit with FACTS – Share the FACTS about fertility at national and regional conferences and at local health fairs to engage your peers and community.
Outreach through Social Media – Get involved in social media marketing and create and publish content about FABMs.

Do You Have What it Takes?

Eligibility Requirements:
• Enrolled and in good standing at a residency program, medical school or any other health professional school
• Interested in learning more and educating others about FABMs
• Self starter and able to engage in respectful dialogue
• Passionate about interacting with your peers and using social media to spark interest
• Able to plan events and understand how to market to your colleagues
• Comfortable connecting with health professionals and speaking to audiences
• Able to commit at least 5-10 hours per term to FACTS Ambassador activities
• Willing to participate in monthly calls with FABM experts and fellow Ambassadors to enhance your education and experience

Ready to join us?

• Sign up to be a FACTS Ambassador below
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• Email for more information
Download a pdf detailing the expectations and benefits of being a FACTS Ambassador

“I want to be knowledgeable about these methods so I can offer women the full scope of family planning options.

FACTS has a lot to offer medical students. I’m lucky to have found such an enriching organization!”

Grace Carson

4th Year Medical Student, The University of North Dakota

FACTS Ambassador Agreement

We are delighted to welcome you as a FACTS Ambassador! We believe this will be a wonderful way for you to expand your knowledge of fertility and women’s health and help us share the FACTS with others. Please provide us with the following information, register as a Student Member (a $20.00 fee), and email us a headshot to keep on file for Ambassador marketing material (will be used with discretion and notification prior to use) and we will gladly add you to our ambassador roster! As an Ambassador you will have the opportunity to expand your clinical toolbox, do research, get published, develop your skills, attend national meetings, and enhance your networking skills. Welcome to the FACTS team!

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