September 4, 2019


Editor’s Note: The FACTS Advisory Council consists of a talented and diverse group of individuals whose guidance and support are crucial to the success of our organization. Being a member of our Advisory Council is a voluntary position and all their work with FACTS is a generous contribution of time and expertise. This year, we are featuring one of our Council members each month to highlight their unique contributions to our mission. Our series continues with Dr. Peter Danis, who has shared his interest and knowledge of fertility awareness based methods (FABMs) and NaProTECHNOLOGY with students, medical and health professionals, and patients for over twenty-five years.

Meet Peter Danis, MD
Peter Danis, MD is a Board-certified family physician who serves on the faculty at Mercy Family Medicine Residency and as an adjunct professor at St Louis University School of Medicine. In 1994, he completed training as a Natural Family Planning Medical Consultant with the PPVI Institute for the Study of Human Reproduction. He is a Certified Fertility Care Medical Consultant and served a two-year term as president of the American Academy of Fertility Care Professionals until 2017.

Dr. Danis has published in a variety of journals and wrote the chapter, “A Family Physician’s Experience with NaProTECHNOLOGY,” in the textbook titled The Medical and Surgical Practice of NaProTECHNOLOGY. He speaks on a regular basis at the local and national level on topics addressing women’s health, fertility awareness, and the medical applications of NaProTECHNOLOGY.

His Path to FACTS
Dr. Danis was invited to join the FACTS Advisory Council because of his role as a medical educator and his experience providing fertility awareness-based services to women and couples. As a family physician, he grasps the importance of looking at the “big picture” and offering comprehensive options for women and couples. His success incorporating fertility awareness in primary care exemplifies how this approach to women’s health aligns with the role of a family physician. He demonstrates this well, both as a practicing physician and as an educator in medical school and residency programs.

At FACTS, we continue to benefit from Dr. Danis’ experience in education, research, writing, and as a medical consultant. He helps us stay focused on our mission to educate the next generation of medical professionals about broad applications of fertility awareness. For Dr. Duane, executive director and co-founder of FACTS, his medical expertise and comprehensive approach have special significance. Through the integration of fertility awareness in his family medicine practice, Dr. Danis was instrumental in assisting one of Dr. Duane’s family members to have a baby!

In His Own Words
When asked what has been most meaningful about his work with FACTS, Dr. Danis noted, “By working with FACTS, I am able to provide accurate, scientific information to students and residents and offer a variety of resources for them to learn more. I have also appreciated the interaction and collaboration with other faculty and physicians who are involved in this great mission.”

Reflecting on his work in higher education, he added, “I think one of the keys to success is to continue to build on the concept of having student, resident, and faculty ‘champions’ in medical schools and residencies. This includes not only the United States but also expanding to other countries and, in particular, developing countries.”

We appreciate Dr. Danis’ global perspective regarding fertility awareness. In countries like the United States, misinformation perpetuates the myth that FABMs are only appropriate for well educated women. In fact, these methods have been taught and used effectively all over the world in a variety of cultures and levels of education.* With appropriate training and support, any woman can learn to chart her cycle, enabling couples and families to benefit from the FABM that is best for them. These methods should not be limited to a perceived population but included among the options offered to all women.

Contributions to the Mission of FACTS
Dr. Danis feels it is essential for the mission of FACTS to be accomplished. “The future of women’s healthcare will be in the hands of those we teach today,” he explains. “If we want women, couples, and families to have the excellent care they deserve, we need to use a variety of people and resources to educate students and residents about the science of fertility appreciation and the associated medical and surgical applications. Supporting the mission of FACTS will help to ensure this takes place.”

We are grateful for Dr. Peter Danis’ support of our mission and for his role as an integral part of FACTS and our Advisory Council.

More About Dr. Peter Danis
Dr. Danis is a member of the International Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine. He serves as a reviewer for the Journal of American Board of Family Medicine, American Family Physician, Journal of Family Practice, and Frontiers in Public Health: Population, Reproductive, and Sexual Health. He has a Masters in Medical Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

Since 1998, Dr. Danis has led medical mission teams to Central America. He is interested in supporting efforts that bring FABMs to people in developing countries. Dr Danis believes that through the education of medical and health professionals and by the collaboration of organizations involved in fertility awareness, we can improve the care that women, couples, and families receive.


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