By Janet Garcia, RN, BSN
November 21, 2018


This week, our nation pauses in gratitude to remember the many blessings in our lives for which we are thankful. At FACTS, we want to express our gratitude by highlighting some of our financial benefactors. As a non-profit organization, we are funded by the generous gifts of our supporters and fueled by their energy for and dedication to the important work we do! The generosity of the following individuals is just a sampling of the network of support that enables us to fulfill our mission to educate current and future healthcare professionals with the truth and benefits of fertility awareness for women’s health!

Thank You, Dr. Luis García
Dr. Luis García learned about FACTS and became involved with our work as a young medical student. At the time, he felt motivated to include fertility awareness in his future practice as a physician. Yet, he worried about the reaction he might receive as a young resident in a medical culture that often mistakes modern, evidence-based fertility awareness for the “rhythm method” of long ago. Dr. García recalls how grateful he felt to discover FACTS. He said, “Thankfully, FACTS gave me the support and education I needed to succeed in this endeavor.”

After being a part of FACTS for eight years as a student, resident, and speaker, Dr. García recently signed on as a monthly financial benefactor of our work. “FACTS does something that nobody else is doing right now,” he noted, “and that is spreading the evidence-based message of FABMs across the country at a grassroots level. For decades, medical professionals have been swayed by misinformation and skewed opinions. But now, interest in these methods is at an all-time high, and FACTS is there to share that these methods can be very effective not only for achieving or avoiding pregnancy, but even for medical use.”

Thank you, Dr. García, for your dedication to promoting fertility awareness and for partnering with FACTS as a benefactor! Your financial gift allows us to have an even greater impact on other young medical professionals.

Thank You, Melissa & Santiago Solares
Melissa and Santiago Solares are FABM teachers who have been involved with FACTS since its inception and have collaborated with Dr. Duane in her teaching of fertility awareness at Georgetown University. Melissa and Santiago also recently established a monthly financial gift to strengthen the work of FACTS. Melissa explains why, “There are many organizations dedicated to spreading information about fertility, but there is no one specifically transmitting the latest information to physicians themselves, so they can start to use this information in their practices and treat patients in a more holistic way, besides just referring them for contraception. So many women who use FABMs do not find a welcoming attitude in their physicians.”

Thank you, Melissa and Santiago, for helping FACTS to educate, engage, and empower more medical professionals to serve their patients in a more comprehensive way!

Thank You, Dr. Stephen Pavela
Dr. Stephen Pavela is a retired internal medicine physician who initially crossed paths with Dr. Duane at a professional conference several years ago. Aware of the need for the work FACTS is doing in the medical community, he invests generously in FACTS as a benefactor. Dr. Pavela explains, “I am convinced that the best way to spread any method of fertility awareness is to train young physicians early in their career, as residents especially, and as medical students. I saw Dr. Duane as the most successful physician doing this work. She has the vision and energy for how to do the teaching and has created an organization to carry out this vision.”

Thank you, Dr. Pavela, for recognizing our unique strengths and supporting the mission of FACTS!

Without the generosity and selflessness of benefactors like Dr. Luis García, Melissa and Santiago Solares, and Dr. Stephen Pavela, FACTS would not be able to carry out our mission of promoting fertility awareness within the medical community. Thanks to our benefactors, we are changing the culture of medicine to see fertility as a sign of health. We are indebted to every person, family, organization, and foundation that has generously supported FACTS over the years.

Thank you to these and all our donors for enabling us to fulfill our mission!


Author Bio: Janet Garcia, RN, BSN is a registered nurse who has had the privilege of caring for patients throughout the life span, both in the NICU and in adult hospice settings. Having experienced the benefits of fertility awareness in her life and health, she now has a passion for promoting the science and benefits of fertility awareness to all. Janet serves as a volunteer with FACTS in a variety of roles. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband and their three young children.

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