By Janet Garcia, RN, BSN
November 6, 2018

Last week on the FACTS blog, Emilee Reinholz shared our exciting new initiative to launch three one-day conferences across the country in 2019. We will bring the FACTS to Cleveland, Indianapolis, and Dallas to educate more medical professionals about fertility awareness based methods (FABMs) and their applications for women’s health and family planning! We will feature experts in the field of fertility awareness and focus on topics like the female cycle as the fifth vital sign, the effectiveness of FABMs to achieve or prevent pregnancy, and using FABMs from adolescence to peri-menopause, to name just a few.

You Can Help Us Succeed
Since studies show only 3-6% of OB/Gyn and Family Medicine physicians are knowledgeable about modern FABMs, we can have a profound impact and help close the gap by reaching more medical professionals with this vital information. Yet, we cannot accomplish this without your help. To share the FACTS effectively, we rely on your support in several important ways:

  1. Follow us on social media and share about these conferences with medical professionals who may benefit from learning more about FABMs.
  2. Attend one of our conferences in 2019 and invite a friend. Register here!
  3. Consider how you may contribute time, talent or treasure to help us raise the funds we need to create an exceptional learning experience at every conference.
  4. Take part in Giving Tuesday (see below!)
  5. Spread the word about our important work at FACTS.

Why This Matters
As Emilee’s story illustrated last week, countless women and couples across the country struggle to find medical professionals trained to interpret their charts to diagnose and treat abnormalities they may reveal. I had a similar experience and could empathize with Emilee’s frustration, as the closest FABM trained doctor was three hours away from my home. These conferences are critical as we strive to educate more medical professionals about fertility awareness and their applications, so they can offer these safe and effective options to women.

Support FACTS on Giving Tuesday!
If enthusiasm and passion for our work could fund these efforts, the FACTS team would have this covered for years to come! However, the reality is that these new projects require significant funding to execute them successfully. For this reason, this month we are launching a major initiative to raise funds for these three conferences. This fundraising initiative will lead up to a special “Day of Giving: Fund the FACTS!” on Tuesday, November 20th. On this day, we plan to share our message all over our social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and we need YOUR help! Like, Follow, and Share our pages and posts to multiply our reach!

A Personal Invitation
We would like to personally invite you to consider joining FACTS on our Day of Giving on November 20th as a financial benefactor! Your gift to FACTS is vital as we work to bring the truth of fertility awareness to more communities by reaching more medical professionals and students! Your one time and monthly gifts will help bring FACTS-trained medical professionals to more cities and towns so, in the future, a woman will not have to drive for hours to find a physician who can understand her charts and help treat her endometriosis, PCOS, infertility or other concerns holistically.

Beyond these one-day conferences, FACTS continues to send speakers to educate healthcare professionals and, especially, medical students and residents across the country. Through these and many other programs and resources, including our website, blog, webinars and enduring materials, we are educating and supporting the next generation of physicians and health professionals!

The fact that so few medical professionals are familiar with fertility awareness reflects a gap in women’s healthcare today, and FACTS is closing that gap through education. If you want to be a part of the solution and change this for future generations, please consider joining FACTS in our work by becoming a FACTS financial benefactor.

On behalf of all of us at FACTS,
thank you for your thoughtful consideration
and for your generous support!

Author Bio: Janet Garcia, RN, BSN is a registered nurse who has had the privilege of caring for patients throughout the life span, both in the NICU and in adult hospice settings. Having experienced the benefits of fertility awareness in her life and health, she now has a passion for promoting the science and benefits of fertility awareness to all. Janet serves as a volunteer with FACTS in a variety of roles. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband and their three young children.

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