Learning about fertility and how to use her fertility awareness based method (FABM) of choice can change a woman’s life. This week, we celebrate freedom by contemplating the many ways fertility awareness frees women.

Women who use FABMs appreciate that they:

  • Give women freedom of choice about their fertility—every day!
  • Align with a woman’s natural hormones and cycles without harming or altering her anatomy or physiology.
  • Have no medical side effects.
  • Teach a woman to know, understand, and work with her body’s natural function and rhythms, which is empowering and practically helpful in family planning.
  • Help a woman monitor her reproductive health and learn to distinguish what’s normal from signs that may need a physician’s attention.
  • Teach her how to chart her cycles, which paints a picture of hormonal changes each day and month.
  • Do not suppress the body’s normal function and fertility.
  • Promote open communication about a couple’s family planning goals and their sexual relationship.

From the Lips of Women Who Feel Free Through FABMs

“Knowledge is freedom. I know exactly what’s happening with my cycle, no guessing.”

“FABMs allow women to declare their INDEPENDENCE from drugs and devices designed to suppress their normally functioning reproductive health system!”

“I’m free to decide to avoid (pregnancy) this month, and then to work to achieve the next month.”

“I’m free from side effects of other methods of birth control.”

“FABMs free me to have great sex without barriers like poor communication, unwanted side effects, or physical barriers like condoms.”

“It is both empowering and freeing for a woman to understand what’s happening within her body.”

“Because I use an FABM, I feel free to express love with my husband in other ways during times of abstinence, focusing on our other ‘love languages.’”

“Because I use an FABM, I feel free to get pregnant without having to remove, reverse, or detox from something unnatural.”

“I feel free to share responsibility with my husband, since FABMs are most effective with open communication and mutual responsibility.”

Benefits of Charting

 Women who use FABMs also appreciate these benefits of charting a woman’s cycle:

  • Charting reveals what is going on in a woman’s body hormonally at any given moment. This has applications in family planning, to support her health, and to treat conditions like premenstrual syndrome (PMS), polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and infertility through the use of NaPro Technology and FEMM.
  • Charting creates a record of signs of a woman’s fertility and gives clarity to internal processes traditionally difficult to understand. Such knowledge brings freedom.
  • The transparency charting provides can help a woman understand natural mood fluctuations throughout her cycle.
  • When analyzed by a trained medical professional, charting can help elicit the root cause of infertility. In some cases, medical procedures and/or treatments can reverse these processes and help support a healthy pregnancy.
  • It is easy to recognize pregnant and non-pregnant patterns by analyzing charting trends. Identifying pregnancy earlier can help support a healthier pregnancy through timely prenatal care.
  • Charting helps women know when to expect their next menstrual period, even with irregular cycles.

Find an FABM-trained health professional today and learn how to start charting your cycles!


Editor’s Note: Countless women around the globe find greater freedom through FABMs. This poignant story from Dr. García’s experience in Ecuador points to the need to continue to educate women about fertility awareness and FABMs.


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