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Statement of Principles
  1. Fertility is a healthy aspect of reproductive physiology.
  2. Our educational approach to fertility awareness based methods (FABMs) is grounded on solid scientific evidence and ongoing research.
  3. Fertility awareness based methods can be used effectively to achieve or avoid pregnancy and to monitor and manage reproductive health. They empower women to make more informed decisions about their care.
  4. Fertility awareness based methods enable women to invite men to share responsibility for family planning, as they each contribute equally to the formation of a unique human being.
  5. Physicians and healthcare professionals trained in FABMs can work with patients to care for their reproductive health and address gynecologic disorders, including infertility, with the goal of not suppressing or destroying fertility.
  6. FACTS promotes the proven effectiveness of any fertility awareness based method (FABM) that has quality science to support its use.

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