2023 Conference 

Continuum of Women’s Health Care

November 11, 2023, 9-3:30pm ET |100% Virtual


Exhibit or Sponsor our 2023 Virtual Conference   in Restorative Reproductive Medicine

FACTS invites you to sponsor or exhibit at our virtual conference designed to expand our colleagues abilities to address women’s health care in a more holistic and restorative way at every stage of life.

Benefits to Exhibitors

$500 for small, 501c3 non-profit organizations
$1000 for commercial or large, 501c3 non-profit organizations

  • Three opportunities to meet with attendees!
    • 9 – 9:15am ET – An introduction to exhibitors prior to the conference welcome!
    • 11:30am – 12 noon ET – Dedicated Exhibitor Sessions: Meet with attendees in individual online breakout rooms to share about your organization and mission. **If you register to exhibit by November 1st, we will assign pre-registered attendees to your Exhibitor breakout room in advance.**
    • 12 – 12:45pm – Continue the conversations during the lunch break!
  • Email to FACTS listserve of your organization’s pre-approved email
  • Email Blast to all participants including your organization’s name as part of the participant agenda
  • Social Media Advertisement of your organization on FACTS pages/posts
  • Your Logo shown in the “waiting room” before conference begins

Benefits to Conference Sponsors

$200 sponsorship

  • Your organization’s 1-page PDF insert (sent to us by November 1st) posted on our website conference page
  • Your organization’s 1-page PDF insert (sent to us by November 1st) sent to all attendees in post-conference follow-up email communication

Values Expected from Exhibitors and Sponsors

In addition to supporting the FACTS mission, exhibitors must agree to comply with our exhibitor policy and *code of behavior.

*Code of Behavior
1. Exhibit booth handouts for conference attendees must be based on evidence-based, scientific research from peer-reviewed journals.
2. FACTS reserves the right to deny exhibits and materials containing material in poor taste, offensive, or promotes an activity that is unethical or illegal or in general, is not in keeping with the character and purpose of the FACTS conference.
3. FACTS will review handout materials offered by each exhibitor. If an exhibitor’s materials are not acceptable, the exhibitor will be told to withdraw the materials from their exhibit. If an exhibitor refuses to withdraw the unacceptable materials they will be told to leave the meeting. The funds paid to FACTS for the exhibitor booth will not be refunded. Also FACTS will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by the exhibitor related to attending the FACTS conference (i.e. travel expenses, meals, etc…).

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