FACTS Spring Conference Highlights

This past weekend, the FACTS team hosted its first 2019 spring conference in Cleveland, Ohio. We are pleased to report the conference was a huge success! Hear what attendees are saying and learn how you can be a part of upcoming events!

NaProTechnology Intervention Before Marriage: A Couple’s Success Story

We celebrate National Marriage Week with this post from our interview series highlighting the benefits and challenges of the various FABMs. Catherine Jimenez, a 4th year medical student and FACTS student ambassador, conducted this interview with a married couple and learned how their relationship has been strengthened (and their family has grown!) through the use of fertility awareness based methods (FABMs).

Introducing FACTS Advisory Council Member: Mike Manhart, PhD

Each month this year we will feature one of FACTS’ Advisory Council members. This group of talented and diverse individuals provide guidance and support essential to the success of our organization. Our series continues this month with the FACTS “Third Musketeer”, Mike Manhart, PhD.

Empowering Women through Fertility Awareness

This reflection and summary of a research article was written by a future physician as part of a Georgetown University elective on fertility awareness. It highlights practical applications of charting the female cycle, a powerful tool underused by physicians and patients alike.

How FABMs Enhance Medicine: An Interview with an OB/Gyn Physician

Our interview series continues as a second year Georgetown medical student catches up with a practicing OB/Gyn physician who not only offers patients the option of using FABMs but is also herself a user of FABMs for family planning. Her personal and professional experience with FABMs provides a unique perspective for medical professionals in training and in practice as well as patients.

FABMs and Infertility: A Patient Interview

In this latest installment of our interview series with users of FABMs, we examine and highlight both benefits and challenges of the various methods of family planning, including how it can effect diagnoses, fertility, and couple intimacy. The 2nd year medical student who conducted the interview plans to pursue residency training in surgery or Obstetrics & Gynecology.

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