FACTS is a group of physicians, healthcare professionals and educators working together to provide information about natural or fertility awareness based methods of family planning with the medical community.

Our goal is to share the best evidence available with our healthcare colleagues and students so they can:

Educate women and men about their fertility
Empower them to make more informed choices about family planning
Enable women to collaborate with medical professionals to better monitor and manage their reproductive health
Our Mission

To educate future healthcare professionals about evidence based fertility awareness methods (FABMs), so they may empower and engage patients to care for their reproductive health.

Our Vision
To change the culture of medicine so fertility is recognized as normal and healthy.
Our Goals
  1. Educate students, physicians, and health professionals in the basic principles of fertility awareness based methods (FABMs) and the supporting science behind their medical applications.
  2. Promote FABMs and their use in effective, relationship-centered care for women and couples.
  3. Provide a forum for clinicians, educators and researchers to share and expand the evolving body of evidence about FABMs.
  4. Foster respect and support for clinicians and students as collaborators in patient-centered reproductive health care.
Statement of Principles
  1. Fertility is a healthy aspect of reproductive physiology.
  2. Our educational approach to fertility awareness based methods (FABMs) is grounded on solid scientific evidence and ongoing research.
  3. Fertility awareness based methods can be used effectively to achieve or avoid pregnancy and to monitor and manage reproductive health. They empower women to make more informed decisions about their care.
  4. Fertility awareness based methods enable women to invite men to share responsibility for family planning, as they each contribute equally to the formation of a unique human being.
  5. Physicians and healthcare professionals trained in FABMs can work with patients to care for their reproductive health and address gynecologic disorders, including infertility, with the goal of not suppressing or destroying fertility.
  6. FACTS promotes the proven effectiveness of any fertility awareness based method (FABM) that has quality science to support its use.
Our History
Over the past 40 years, significant innovations have been made in women’s health care, particularly within the realm of reproductive science. Parallel to these advances, natural methods for monitoring fertility have been standardized and refined. This has led to more effective tracking of women’s cycles and the times of fertility. These methods can be used to achieve or postpone pregnancy, and in some cases to address underlying gynecological concerns in ways that cooperate with or restore the normal physiology and anatomy of the human reproductive system. These treatments do not use approaches that are inherently suppressive, circumventive or destructive and provide opportunities for reproductive health care that respects a patient’s right to understand and cooperatively manage their own fertility, with appropriate medical assistance. Despite advances in the science of fertility awareness based methods (FABMs) and increasing interest among women in using them, the overwhelming majority of physicians, healthcare professionals and students are not familiar or knowledgeable about them. In response to this, a group of family physicians and experts in the field of fertility appreciation founded FACTS under the umbrella of the Family Medicine Education Consortium in 2010. Learn more about our beginning and our members.
Our Staff


Marguerite Duane, MD, MHA, MSPH, FAAFP

Cofounder and Executive Director 

Dr. Marguerite Duane, a Board-certified family physician, is cofounder and executive director
for FACTS. She serves as an adjunct associate professor at Georgetown University, where she
directs a course on fertility awareness-based methods for family planning and women’s
health. She is a physician with Modern Mobile Medicine, a direct primary care practice serving
people of all ages through ‘house calls’ in the DC metropolitan area. She has served on the
board of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) and the Family Medicine Education
Consortium (FMEC).

Dr. Duane is trained as a Creighton Model medical consultant and TeenSTAR educator. She received her M.D. with recognition in primary care from the State University of New York at Stony Brook and completed family medicine residency at Lancaster General Hospital in Lancaster, PA. She earned a Bachelor of Science with Honors and a Master of Health Administration degree from Cornell University. In recognition of her leadership, she was named a Pisacano Scholar by the American Board of Family Medicine and awarded the AAFP Bristol Meyers Squibb Graduate Medical Education Award. She is proud to be accompanied on this life’s journey by her husband and fellow family physician, Dr. Kenneth Lin, and they are delighted to be the parents of four young children.


Cindi Cass, MHA

Director of Finance & Operations

Cynthia Cass is responsible for oversight of the accounting and bookkeeping of FACTS finances, analyzing financial statements, and strategically interpreting the organization’s business/financial planning, reporting and analysis. She earned a Master of Health Administration degree from Cornell University and has spent fifteen years in healthcare administration. In that capacity, she helped establish a clinical practice focused on fertility awareness and a cooperative approach to care. She was also the division administrator of General Internal Medicine and Primary Care at Loyola University in Chicago, IL, and worked with the Office of Community Programs Generalist Physician Initiative at UMass Medical Center in Worcester, MA. Ms. Cass also founded two homeschool co-operative programs that provide classical education from PreK through 12th grade in Nashua, NH and in Raleigh, NC.

Her responsibilities with these programs included strategic planning, financial management, communications, and teaching. She lives in Oklahoma with her husband and is the proud mom of five children.


Logan Waechtler, MPA, MPH

Director of Educational Programs and Membership

Logan Waechtler oversees the educational programs for FACTS, including the CME courses and the two electives, and manages membership outreach. He is pursuing a Master’s in Public Administration and a Master’s in Public Health from the University of Utah. Once he graduates, he plans to pursue a nursing degree and eventually a Doctorate in Nursing Practice to become a midwife. He and his wife are passionate about breastfeeding and its many benefits for both mother and child, as well as natural approaches to healthcare. His experience consists of women’s health research in college and, unrelatedly, working as a government auditor. Being an auditor has equipped him with a strategic mindset to look for opportunities for improvement wherever he works, including FACTS. Logan is also working towards becoming a certified Billings Ovulation Method teacher. When not in school or working, his favorite pastimes are silly dancing with his three young children, making his wife laugh, playing soccer, fishing, writing, and, of course, digging up cool facts about dinosaurs.



Samantha Povlock

Executive Assistant & Events Coordinator

Samantha Pollock joined the FACTS team in 2023. She spent almost ten years in Chicago working in consulting and project management, where she managed multi-million dollar portfolios across numerous industries. At both Deloitte and BMO Financial Group, Samantha created and led multiple internal events, and co-founded an enterprise DE&I resource group for parenting employees. In the past 6 years, she also founded an award-winning niche media and events company that has hosted two national in-person conferences as well as various virtual events. Samantha attended the University of Notre Dame, which is where she first learned about Fertility Awareness. She now lives in greater Philadelphia with her husband and children.



Janet Garcia, RN, BSN

Student Program Coordinator

Janet Garcia, RN, BSN joined the FACTS team in December 2018 as our student program coordinator. With a background as a registered nurse, Janet is responsible for managing the enrollment, scheduling, and preceptors for our Georgetown online elective course. She is a certified FEMM and teen FEMM educator. Her passion to share the science of fertility awareness within the medical community stems from the positive impact restorative women’s healthcare has had in her health and wellness. She enjoys working with our students and sees them as the key to transforming women’s healthcare for the future. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband and five children.




Gracie Stotzer

Educational Programs Assistant

Gracie Stotzer first joined FACTS as the Conference and Speaker Program Coordinator in the summer of 2021 but now answers to Educational Programs Assistant. Upon graduation from Benedictine College with dual majors in psychology and Spanish, she traded out her native Albuquerque, NM for Sevilla, Spain to become an ESL instructor. While abroad, she began a crash course in fertility awareness to address her own health issues. Upon returning to the United States, she encountered FACTS and is delighted to now engage with students and FACTS speakers alike–including some of the very same doctors who saw her as a patient while abroad. Gracie now balances her FACTS responsibilities with studies in human nutrition, fostering a growing interest in the intersection of the health of both people and the planet. Unsurprisingly, in her spare time, you can find her enjoying great food and the great outdoors!


Mikey Padilla, DO

Assistant Course Director

Dr. Mikey Padilla is a physician in Indianapolis, practicing full-spectrum family medicine with an interest in medical applications of NFP, osteopathic manipulative treatment, and behavioral medicine. He completed medical school at Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine in Downers Grove, IL, and his residency training at Franciscan Health Indianapolis. He participated in FACTS as a FACTS Ambassador during medical school and residency. In April 2021, he completed the Creighton Model NFP medical consultant training. He is currently the acting medical director of a hospital-based FertilityCare Center and hopes to make more integrative and evidence-based women’s healthcare options accessible and available.

Our Advisory Council

Robert Motley, MD

Dr. Motley, a board certified family physician, spent the first 20 years of his career in community-based private practice. He graduated from LaSalle University and Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, PA. He remained at Jefferson to complete his family medicine residency training. He was a founding member of TriValley Primary Care, a multi-site primary care group practice in southeast Pennsylvania. In 2006, he joined the faculty of the Family Medicine Residency at Lehigh Valley Health Network in Allentown, PA, where he was honored three times as Resident Teacher of the Year. He served as vice chair of Network Collaboration for the Department of Family Medicine and as president of the LVHN medical staff from 2012 through 2014. In 2010, Dr, Motley co-founded FACTS with Dr. Marguerite Duane. He completed a master’s degree in Health Care Delivery Science at Dartmouth College in 2016 with focus areas in population and community health, quality and safety, and clinical care redesign.  Dr. Motley and his wife, Jeanne-Marie, have five adult children and ten grandchildren.

Mike Manhart, PhD

Dr. Manhart serves as the senior scientific consultant for Couple to Couple League (CCL), an NFP organization through which couples can learn the sympto-thermal method of family planning. After receiving his doctorate in microbiology from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, he embarked on a career in Research & Development with Procter & Gamble. While there, he held management roles of increasing responsibility in various global healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations. In 2008, Dr. Manhart retired as director of Research & Development. He and his wife have served as volunteer CCL teachers for over 30 years. He also served on the CCL Board of Directors from 2007 to 2009 and as Executive Director of CCL from 2009-2016. He served on the FACTS Executive Team from 2011-2015 and was the lead author on our article: Fertility awareness-based methods of family planning: a review of effectiveness for avoiding pregnancy using SORT. He resides in Cincinnati and is the proud father of four and grandfather of five wonderful children.

Summer Holmes Mason, MD, FACOG

Dr. Holmes Mason is a Board-certified obstetrician gynecologist. She is a 2006 graduate of the Pennsylvania State University with degrees in Spanish and General Science. She subsequently attended the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, NY and obtained her medical degree in 2010. She completed her residency in obstetrics & gynecology at the University of Maryland Medical Systems in Baltimore, MD, where she was appointed residency education chief during her final year of residency. Since 2014, Dr. Holmes Mason has worked in private practice in Wooster, OH. She has served as an associate professor for the Physician Assistant Program at Marietta College in Marietta, OH. She completed FEMM Medical Management as well as the FEMM Teacher Training course. She is a member of the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists and is currently pursuing studies in functional medicine.

Theresa M. Hardy, PhD, RN

Theresa Hardy is Senior Research and Development Scientist at Onegevity Health. Before transitioning to the private sector, Theresa completed a postdoctoral fellowship at New York University. Theresa completed her undergraduate degree in Theology at Ave Maria University and a second bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Marymount University. In 2018, she received her doctoral degree in Nursing from Marquette University. In her free time, Theresa enjoys ballroom dancing and exploring NYC.

Pamela A. Vnenchak, MD

Dr. Vnenchak, a board certified family physician, is the deputy director of the Lancaster General Health Family Medicine Residency Program. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Elizabethtown College with a B.S. degree in biology and attended the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (now known as Rutgers New Jersey Medical School), where she obtained her M.D. degree in 1990. In 1993, she completed her family medicine residency at Lancaster General Hospital, where she served as chief resident. After residency, she worked at Valley Family Physicians in Claremont, NH for three years. She also served as assistant professor (clinical investigator) at the Family Medicine Residency at LaFayette Family Health Center in LaFayette, NY. She joined the faculty in 2000. Her clinical interests and focus center on the health of women and children. Dr. Vnenchak serves on the Board of the Family Medicine Education Consortium (FMEC).  She and her husband have four children, including teenage triplets.

Joseph Stanford, MD, MSPH, CFCMC

Dr. Stanford, a board-certified family physician and the director of the Office of Cooperative Reproductive Health in the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine at the University of Utah School of Medicine in Salt Lake City. He is also an adjunct professor in the Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Pediatrics. Dr. Stanford received his medical degree from the University of Minnesota Medical School and completed residency training in family medicine and a master’s degree in public health at the University of Missouri-Columbia. He has been a principal investigator or co-investigator on five externally funded prospective cohort studies assessing fecundity, fertility, and birth outcomes in women or couples trying to conceive, as well as population-based studies of fertility and fertility treatment. In addition, he maintains an ongoing clinical practice focused on a primary care approach to fertility and subfertility, with an emphasis on links between subfertility and general health status in both females and males. Dr. Stanford is a certified FertilityCare Medical Consultant through the American Academy of FertilityCare Professionals and a board member of the International Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine.

Victoria Jennings, PhD

Dr. Jennings, the director of the Institute for Reproductive Health at Georgetown University, has more than 30 years of experience developing, managing, implementing, and advising Family Planning /Reproductive Health (FP/RH) programs in capacity building, evaluation, and advocacy. She received her BA from Trinity University in San Antonio, TX and her MS and PhD from the the University of Texas and Austin. Dr. Jennings leads the USAID-funded Fertility Awareness for Community Transformation (FACT) Project, which is testing innovative strategies to increase fertility awareness and expand access to Fertility Awareness-Based Methods (FABMs) at the community level. Previously, she led the Gates Foundation-funded A3 Project which aimed to improve RH outcomes by expanding FP access through faith based organizations, increasing access to the Standard Days Method (SDM) through mobile phones, and improving adolescent fertility awareness. Dr. Jennings was the principal investigator of the FAM Project and of the AWARENESS Project, research-to-practice initiatives to develop, test, and integrate the SDM, TwoDay Method, and Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM) into a wide variety of settings. She serves on numerous World Health Organization (WHO) committees and USAID task forces and is also a professor in the Department of Obstetric and Gynecology at Georgetown University Medical Center.

Allison Macbeth, MS

Allison is a fertility awareness and menstrual health educator. She teaches women to chart their menstrual cycles for pregnancy planning, natural birth control, and to manage hormonal health. She has a Masters of Applied Science in sexual health education from the University of Sydney and is trained as a holistic reproductive health practitioner by the Justisse College. She is a member of the Association of Fertility Awareness Professionals and served on their Board from 2014 to 2018. She currently serves on the Community Advisory Council of the University of British Columbia (UBC) Centre for Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation Research in Vancouver, BC.

Lauren Gordon, MD

Dr. Gordon, a board-certified family physician, is the Director of Women’s Health at Franklin-Square Family Medicine Residency in Baltimore, MD. She attended medical school at the University of Maryland and completed her residency and an obstetrics fellowship at Franklin Square Hospital Center.  In addition to women’s health, Dr. Gordon has a strong interest in community medicine and global health. She is coordinator of the Women’s Cancer Protection Program, providing breast and cervical cancer screening to uninsured women. She is also actively involved with Shoulder to Shoulder, volunteering in Honduras numerous times over the last 5 years doing both medical and community outreach work. Dr. Gordon serves on several local committees including the Med Chi’s Maternal-Child Health Committee, Baltimore Regional Perinatal Advisory Committee, and the board of Planned Parenthood of Maryland. She has presented numerous times on the topic of women’s health and family planning. Most notably, she served as lead presenter on our FACTS study entitled:  Inclusion of Fertility Awareness-Based Methods In Family Medicine Residency Programs: A Pilot Survey. She is the proud parent of 2 teenage children.  

Matthew Larkin, MBA, MSM, SPHR

Matthew Larkin is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources and has served in a variety of executive leadership roles in talent management. He has worked with the U.S. and international military, non-profits, startups, and volunteer organizations. A career naval officer, his background includes work in recruiting, supply chain management, compensation, design thinking, and corporate operations. He also taught at the Graduate School of Defense Management at the Naval Postgraduate School. Matt earned a bachelor’s degree in communication with a minor in naval science at Villanova University, a master’s degree in manpower systems analysis at Naval Postgraduate School, and an MBA at IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain where he also attended classes at Chinese European International Business School in Shanghai, China, and ISE Business School in Saõ Paulo, Brazil. He completed a certification in health care ethics at the National Catholic Bioethics Center in Philadelphia, PA. Matt and his wife Elissa have seven children and reside in Southern California.

Abby Crowley, EdD

Dr. Crowley has served as the director of Professional Development at Catholic Charities in Washington, DC for the last 17 years and is an Adjunct Professor of Education at Trinity University. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in special education from Boston University and her Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Education Administration from Catholic University of America. She also serves on the Board of Directors of Pathways Schools. She has enjoyed a long career in education as a teacher, school principal, member of the Prince George’s County Board of Education, university professor, and consultant. Dr. Crowley has been actively involved with FACTS since its inception, and in particular with the development of the FACTS Speaker training program and she is pleased to contribute to this important work. She lives in Greenbelt, Maryland with her husband, also a teacher, and their black lab, Bodhi. She has two sons and a 7 year old granddaughter.

John F. Brehany, Ph.D., S.T.L.

Dr. Brehany serves as director of Institutional Relations of The National Catholic Bioethics Center. He received a Ph.D. in Health Care Ethics from Saint Louis University, an S.T.L. in Sacred Theology from the John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family in Washington, D.C., an M.A. in Philosophy from the University of St. Thomas, Houston, and a B.A. in Philosophy and Theology from the University of San Francisco. From 2006-2014, he was executive director of the Catholic Medical Association (CMA), where he supported organizational growth and development and represented the CMA to the Church, government, and the media. Dr. Brehany was executive director of Mission Services and Ethics at Mercy Medical Center, Sioux City, Iowa from 2000-2006, overseeing mission integration, the ethics committee, pastoral care, and the community benefit program. Dr. Brehany has taught bioethics, philosophy, and theology at several universities, including Saint Louis University, Briar Cliff University, the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine.

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