2019 Annual Meeting

Lancaster, PA  |  November 3, 2019

FACTS Annual Meeting

November 3, 2019 | 10:00 am to 4:00 pm | Lancaster, PA

Fertility Awareness and Fem-Tech: Synergy for the 21st Century

Fem-tech (or Female technology) refers to the use of technology in women’s health. More than ever, women are interested in understanding and tracking their cycle to better monitor and manage their health. What do fertility awareness based methods (FABMs) have to contribute to the femtech explosion? The ability to track and analyze data is just the first step. We need medical professionals that have the training necessary to interpret and leverage this data to optimize women’s health.

Although interest in fertility awareness and “fem-tech” is spreading like a wild fire, the overwhelming majority of medical professionals are not well-informed about the basics of fertility awareness based methods (FABMs) and the technology that can facilitate tracking the female cycle.

This year’s FACTS Annual Meeting will combine the science behind FABMs with practical applications made possible by fem-tech. Combining fertility awareness with new technologies (in the form of apps, online platforms, and more!) holds tremendous promise for women and couples—both for family planning and reproductive health.

Physicians and health professionals with knowledge of both FABMs and fem-tech are on the cutting edge! Join us in November to learn the FACTS about fem-tech and its potential to bring precision women’s healthcare to the next level!


November 3, 2019
10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square
25 South Queen Street | Lancaster, PA | 17603

FMEC Attendees (Morning ONLY):
Email info@FACTSaboutFertility.org for your registration code

FMEC Attendees (Lunch and Afternoon session):
Professional / Faculty:  $75
Residents:  $50
Students:  $25

Full Day – NON-FMEC Attendees:
Professional / Faculty:  $125
FABM Educators /Residents:  $75
Students:  $25

Paid FACTS members receive a 20% discount on the registration fee
Join today! FACTS members: Please e-mail info@FACTSaboutFertility.org to receive your discount code.

Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square
25 South Queen Street
Lancaster, PA | 17603
+1 717-239-1600 or +1 888-850-6146

Reserve by October 7 to be eligible for the
FMEC (Family Medicine Education Consortium) block/group rate of $149 per night.

Register Today!

For more information. email info@FACTSaboutFertility.org


2019 Annual Meeting highlights include:

• An overview of FACTS programs and resources
– Elective for residents and students
– Webinars for patient and medical audiences
– Opportunities for CME credit
• Tracking the female Cycle and the Role of Technology
• A review of the latest research in fertility awareness 
• Presentations from the Fem-Tech space 
– NeoFertility, OOVA, FEMM, Proov and more!
• Extensive discussion groups and Q&A with expert panels

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