Fertility Awareness Based Methods can be a tremendous asset to a woman’s self-awareness and health monitoring. A woman’s chart is a tangible tracker of cyclic hormonal activity in her body. As hormones fluctuate during a given cycle, external physical signs can be observed and recorded to understand her unique pattern of hormonal changes. In a way, a woman’s chart is a window through which she can see the impact that brain neurochemicals have on her reproductive and endocrine organs.

If a woman experiences irregular cycles, painful cycles, abnormal bleeding, inability to conceive, or other gynecologic concerns, charting allows her to understand her body better. Charting may also provide key information to help trained clinicians diagnose health problems and assist in treating various conditions.

Charting is especially beneficial for adolescents to help them better understand the changes in their body that occur with puberty.  A young girl can learn to recognize what is normal and healthy, as it relates to her cycle, cervical mucus and menses.  Adolescents often experience irregular cycles during their first few years of menstruation and by charting, a young woman can better predict the onset of her menstruation, potentially reducing concern and anxiety.