Three easy steps. One national goal.

Joining FACTS as a Student Member connects you with other health professionals around the country who are passionate about holistic women’s health. It also provides you with the resources to bring FABMs to your patients. By becoming a Student Ambassador at your school, you can engage your peers in discussion and education about FABMs. Bringing a student elective curriculum to your school provides the most comprehensive education to your student body.

Be a part of the future of medicine with us!
  • Join FACTS as a Student Member

    Joining FACTS gives you access to educational resources, as well as networking opportunities with interested students, medical residents and other health care professionals.


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  • Become a Student Ambassador

    Join our Student Ambassador program to help bring information about FABMs to your school while enhancing your professional portfolio.

    1. Expand your clinical toolbox: Learn about and become trained to teach natural methods that over 60% of women are interested in learning more about in order to understand their fertility and plan for their families.
    2. Do research: Lead research projects locally at your school or in your community. These projects can fulfill research requirements. We can help provide ideas or are interested in what you come up with!
    3. Bring a FACTS Speaker to your school: Have a trained speaker and health professional deliver the FACTS and Family Planning presentation to your student body.
    4. Develop your skills:Enhance your public speaking, event planning, and communication skills, as well as learn to write abstracts and apply to regional and national conferences.
    5. Attend national meetings: Be eligible to participate in national FACTS meetings.
    6. Network, network, network: Through campus activities and interactions with your fellow ambassadors, make new friends and connections across the country with peers interested in FABMs. At national meetings there will also be opportunities to meet other physicians who incorporate FABMs into their practices. Keep everyone involved with progress.
    7. Have fun!


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  • Start an Elective

    Many schools give their students the opportunity to create student-run electives. These can be an excellent way to give your classmates a longitudinal opportunity to learn about FABMs, while receiving some form of credit or recognition.

    Check back soon for sample curricula and other tools to help you start an elective at your school.