27 Jan 2016

The importance of screening and monitoring: the Standard Days Method and cycle regularity

This post is a synopsis of the research presented in the article published in Contraception by Sinai and Arevalo. It is a post in a series entitled Featured Research where we go back and break down some of the foundational research about different fertility awareness based methods (FABMs). We hope after reading this post you […]

22 Jan 2016

Effective ways to avoid pregnancy: An introduction to fertility awareness-based methods of family planning

This post is a brief synopsis of the article published in Osteopathic Family Physician by Manhart et al. It’s also the first post in a series we’re calling Featured Research, where we revisit a foundational research article in the field of fertility awareness.  If you’re inspired to read the study in its entirety, please do! […]

13 Jan 2016

A letter to healthcare professionals

by Amylynn Smith In the Spring of 2011, after numerous blood tests and countless doctors visits, my nurse practitioner looked at me and said, “I don’t know why you aren’t getting your period. I know you may not want to take birth control pills again but at this point I don’t have anything else to […]