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FACTS is the Fertility Appreciation Collaborative, a group comprised of physicians, other health care professionals and educators working together to Teach the Science of natural or fertility awareness based methods (FABMs) of family planning.

Our goal is to share the best evidence available with our health care colleagues so they can educate women and men about their fertility, empower them to make more informed choices about family planning, and enable women to collaborate with their physicians to better monitor and manage their reproductive health.Google+

Please see our review article in the Osteopathic Family Physician for the most current and comprehensive review of the evidence of FABMs.

FACTS Review Article on FABMs

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We originally had some anxiety about learning to use Creighton, but it was actually very easy to learn and we did not have any real difficulties during this learning process.
Couple Using the Creighton Method

Latest News

17 Nov 2016

The pill and other hormonal contraception linked to depression: A case for informed consent

November 17, 2016 by Alison Contreras, PhD, FCP Last month an article in JAMA Psychiatry caused waves when it revealed what many users of hormonal birth control have long suspected: a link between hormonal contraception use and depression [1,2]. This news has reopened the conversation about how physicians should counsel patients about their reproductive health […]

16 Sep 2016

Learning from experience: An interview with Dr. Althoff about FABMs

Why don’t more doctors teach their patients about FABMs? What are the biggest barriers for women learning to chart? A doctor answers these questions and more. by Alison Contreras, PhD. Time and time again, the same questions come up after we give our FACTS Intro to Fertility and Family Planning presentation: “Great, now that I […]

12 Sep 2016

Debunking myths about FABMs with Dr. Duane

FACTS co-founder Dr. Duane was recently interviewed by Verily magazine about some of the misconceptions surrounding fertility awareness based methods (FABMs) of family planning. Verily is a woman’s lifestyle magazine that “empowers and inspires women to be the best version of themselves”, and regularly features articles answering common questions women have about their health. Over […]

27 Aug 2016

Two Perspectives, One Conclusion: A Five-Country Study of the Ovulation Method

For this week’s Featured Research we have a double review of “A Prospective Multicentre Trial of the Ovulation Method of Natural Family Planning II The Effectiveness Phase” and “Further Analysis of Contraceptive Failure of the Ovulation Method”.  As always, click through to the articles for a complete description of the original studies. by Molly Marie […]

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